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Personal Care

Personal Care

There is no doubt that it can be awkward when children and grandchildren suddenly become the caregivers and have to assist with the personal tasks that can make everyone involved uncomfortable. Having someone outside the family to help with these personal tasks allows your loved one to maintain her or his sense of dignity and to keep details of health issues confidential while remaining sensitive to family relationships.

If you are a loved one are unwell, recovering from the birth of your new born or trying to recover from an illness, or trying to cope with the onset of getting older? Fear not, TLC Homecare and Healthcare Ltd. are here to assist you to recover to full health and/or help you through your transition to your senior years.

Our Well trained Garda vetted caring staff members have a wise range of skills and experience in dealing with all situations that may arise. We provide a Personal Care Service that can assist you getting out of bed to bathing and hygiene, toileting to preparing light meals to going for a walk and/or a shopping trip.

Our services are tailored to your needs and requirements, we don’t impose times or services on you that you don’t need or want. You tell us what you want and we’ll tailor our services to you.

We also provide a Hospital Care Service especially for you or your loved one, whereby we look after your needs and requirements and ensure that you get the service that you deserve. Considering the cuts being implemented to front line staff who are already overworked to provide the type of care and attention they used to offer.